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How to integrate peel & stick wallpaper into a small room

Incorporating wallpaper into a small room can transform its appearance and give it a touch of style without compromising on space. Whether you want to add a touch of color, texture or pattern, here are some tips for using peel & stick wallpaper wisely in a small room


Choose the right pattern: When choosing wallpaper for a small room, the size and style of the pattern are essential. Opt for smaller patterns or geometric designs, which tend to work best in small spaces by creating a sense of movement and depth without visually overwhelming the room. Floral or organic patterns can be beautiful, but choose repeated motifs and smaller scales to avoid overwhelming the space.

Papier peint style géométrique neutre Historia par Artza & Co.
Motif géométrique


Limit yourself to one wall or go bold and cover all the walls, even the ceiling: In a small room, you can choose between two approaches. The first is to apply wallpaper to a single wall, which can create an interesting focal point without weighing down the space. The other, bolder option is to cover all the walls, or even the ceiling, with wallpaper. This can give a sense of continuity and visually enlarge the room, but it requires judicious pattern and color selection to avoid a feeling of clutter.

Motif papier peint floral Evergreen par Artza & Co.


Go for light colors: Light colors are ideal for visually enlarging a small room. Choose pastel tones or light shades that reflect light and give an impression of openness. Light colors can also bring a bright, airy feel to the room, which is perfect for small spaces.


Play with vertical patterns: Vertical patterns can be an excellent choice in a small room, as they give the illusion of height, helping to compensate for low ceilings. Opt for vertical stripes or linear patterns to take advantage of this effect. This can also help visually lengthen the space, creating a feeling of openness.


Avoid busy patterns: In a small room, it's essential to avoid overly complex or busy patterns, as they can visually weigh down the space and make it oppressive. Instead, opt for simple, subtle patterns that add character without overwhelming the room. More delicate, less busy patterns will keep the room feeling spacious and light.


Match the rest of the decor: Make sure the wallpaper you choose matches the rest of the room's decor, including furniture and accessories. Opt for patterns and colors that complement the overall style of the room to create a coherent, harmonious ambience.


Use it strategically: Wallpaper can be used strategically to accentuate certain elements of the room. For example, applying wallpaper in a built-in niche or on a wall behind furniture can create interesting focal points without weighing down the space. Think about how you can use wallpaper to highlight the strong points of the room.

Vintage floral wallpaper Vigna by Artza & Co.


Experiment with textures: Textured wallpapers can add depth and visual interest to a small room. By choosing wallpapers with interesting textures such as raised patterns, faux wood effects or metallic finishes, you can add an extra dimension to the space without resorting to complex patterns. Play with textures to create a unique and captivating look in your small room.

By following these simple tips, you can effectively incorporate wallpaper into a small room to give it character and style without weighing it down visually. Whether you opt for a subtle or bold pattern, light colors or interesting textures, the strategic use of wallpaper can transform a small room into a welcoming space full of personality. Feel free to experiment with different options to find the one that best suits your style and the mood you want to create.

Blog post written by Camille from Artza & Co.

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