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Paint and wallpaper trends 2024: The trendiest styles and designs

The year 2024 brings with it dynamic trends in paint and wallpaper, reflecting a desire to reconnect with nature and a bold exploration of color and pattern. In this article, we'll explore this year's key trends, from natural, earthy colors to vivid shades of blue, pastel tones and geometric, abstract patterns.


Natural and earthy colors

The trend for 2024 is towards an organic color palette, inspired by nature and the 70s. Tones like terracotta red, nude beige, olive green and sage bring warmth and harmony to any space, while shades like burnt orange and ochre evoke vintage charm.Another trend that has begun to emerge in 2021/2022 is the resurgence of brown, which has gained in popularity and is set to feature more prominently in interior design. While dark colors remain popular choices, brown is about to make a strong comeback, particularly in upholstery and textiles.

"Natural and earthy color trends"


This year, blue is making a strong comeback, with shades as diverse as electric blue and glacier blue. Deeper shades of blue bring a touch of calm and serenity to any room, while adding a fresh, modern touch. The varied palette of blues, including popular shades such as colonial and cottage blue, offers an infinite range of possibilities for interior design. Whether creating a soothing space in the living room or adding a vibrant touch in the bedroom, blue is a must-have option for transforming your interior into a contemporary, sophisticated haven.

Blue paint by Farrow & Ball
Pinterest Source : Laurel Bern Interiors

Our favorite shades:

Our favorite paint shades - Artza & Co.

Wallpaper patterns


Stripes offer timeless elegance to any room, visually enlarging space and creating a sense of height. Fine stripes and neutral shades can enhance a wall of frames or play with contrasts for a striking visual effect.

The "Dramatic Moody" style

This season, decorating enthusiasts are turning to dramatic, dark patterns to create a captivating atmosphere in their space. Dramatic wallpapers offer a unique visual depth, adding a touch of mystery and intensity to any room. Whether with dark floral patterns, rich textures or deep shades, 'Dramatic moody wallpaper' is establishing itself as a must-have trend for those seeking bold and sophisticated decorating.

Striga Wallpaper by Artza & Co.


When it comes to interior design, the popularity of floral wallpaper remains unwavering, continuing to seduce with its timeless charm. These motifs, evoking the beauty of nature and a certain elegance, adapt to a multitude of styles, from bold, imposing compositions to delicate, subtle florals. Their versatility and ability to create a variety of atmospheres make them a popular choice for designers and space-conscious homeowners. Contemporary interpretations of this traditional pattern, such as abstract florals and watercolor effects, bring new vitality into this trend, ensuring its continued relevance. By highlighting this trend for the year 2024, we celebrate the enduring appeal of floral patterns, which help to personalize and embellish interiors with elegance.

The “Grandmillennial” style

Another popular trend in the world of interior design is Grandmillennial, a style that celebrates the return of traditional and classic elements with a modern twist. Grandmillennials are known for their appreciation of antique pieces and vintage patterns, but they reinterpret them in a fresh and contemporary way. This trend is characterized by the use of floral textiles and wallpapers, revisited antique furniture and elegant decorative details. With an aesthetic that blends past and present, Grandmillennial style offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere, while adding a touch of sophistication to the interior. By skilfully blending tradition and modernity, this trend is winning over more and more people looking for a timeless, refined style for their home.

Wallpapers made by artist

An emerging trend in the world of interior design is the use of wallpapers designed by artists. Increasingly, homeowners and designers are looking for unique and creative ways to personalize their spaces, and artistic wallpapers offer an innovative solution. Often the result of collaboration between renowned designers and emerging artists, they bring a touch of originality and sophistication to any room. Whether featuring abstract motifs, impressionist landscapes or modern illustrations, these artistic wallpapers add an artistic dimension to interiors, transforming walls into veritable works of art. Showcasing the talent of artists and offering a unique alternative to traditional wallpapers, this trend promises to continue inspiring design enthusiasts around the world.

Here are a few designs created by artists with whom we have collaborated.

In short, in this year of 2024, paint and wallpaper trends offer a multitude of possibilities for expressing your style and creativity. Whether you prefer natural, earthy colors, vivid shades of blue or geometric, abstract patterns, there's something for every taste and style. Explore these trends and let yourself be inspired to transform your interior into an elegant, welcoming space that reflects your unique personality.

Blog post written by Camille from Artza & Co.

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